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Dr. Benjamin Paul Ocasio, PhD, Market Research

Dr. Benjamin Paul Ocasio, PhD in Applied Psychology from George Washington University and L.I. Graduate School. Extensive experience in psychological assessment and evaluation as well as working with law enforcement and federal inspectors. Extensive experience in developing paper and pencil cognitive tests, structured behavioral interview assessment instruments and developing assessment centers. Dr. Ocasio also has an extensive background in validating cognitive tests and assessment centers as well as providing expert testimony in court cases in the defense of entry level and management selection procedures.


Dr. Ocasio has served as a university professor at George Washington University, American University Graduate School, and The University of Maryland. He has taught graduate courses in the area of psychometrics, measurement, and evaluation, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, graduate research, and statistics. He has an extensive background in using statistical software packages such as SAS and SPSS. He has worked and published articles with Dr. Frank Schmidt and John Hunter in the area of Validity Generalization and Meta-Analysis. He has directed over 100 research projects in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and graduate theses/dissertations. He has also served as the CEO of the Institute of Management and Harvest Graduate School and University. He is currently the President and CEO of The American Institute of the Mind— a consulting firm specializing in the field of Applied Psychology and Research. Dr. Ocasio has published numerous technical job analysis reports for Federal Inspectors, Job Validation reports for Federal Entry Level and Management Level Federal Inspectors, Utility Analysis (Return on Investment using Validity Coefficients) reports for Federal Inspectors, USPS Executives, etc. He was also one of the principle psychologists in the development of work samples to validate positions for over 750,000 entry level positions for the USPS. He has an extensive background in conducting adverse impact and differential validity analyses. Dr. Ocasio was born and raised in NYC and is of Puerto Rican heritage. He is fluent in speaking, writing and reading Spanish.