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Dr. Raquel Ramos, PhD

Dr. Ramos is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Yale University.  Her training and research experiences are directly related to her passion for serving health disparate communities to develop, design, and conduct innovative behavioral and interventional research.  Dr. Ramos has experience with semi-structured and focus group interviewing, secondary data analyses using logistic regression, and quasi-experimental design as part of her dissertation research. Further, she completed graduate-level coursework in informatics. Using the techniques of contextual inquiry, she is able to identify and describe workflow challenges visually by creating flowcharts and sequence models. Dr. Ramos also has experience with collaborative design of a user-interface based on her dissertation research. Her dissertation investigated how patient participation can influence the design of interactive, technological ways to convey concepts of electronic sharing in a comprehensible format. Dr. Ramos is well qualified and possesses the tenacity, motivation, and expertise required to conduct the proposed 2016 RFP to supply, deliver, and score an entry-level Police Officer examination for the MTA. Dr. Ramos received her MBA and MSN from Purdue University and her research doctorate from Columbia University. She is a native New Yorker.