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Sandra Lee Schubert, Social Media

DUROBI’s Social Media Marketing will utilize one or more of the social media platforms that best raises your company’s ability to communicate and promote a forum of ideas with your target audience. DUROBI Social Media Marketing is an addition to personal, small business, corporate, and non-profit organizations’ integrated marketing communications plans. As a social media manager and strategist Sandra Lee Schubert combines her love of new media with a passion for showing you how to broadcast your message through a variety of mediums.

As a social media manager she has crafted successful social media programs to bring exposure to companies looking to enhance their brand. Sandra shows you how to scale your social media efforts, captures attention through storytelling, and generate more actual results. Each client is individual in what they want achieve in their social media efforts. Programs will be designed introduce your new product, promote your business or bring new and qualified recruits into your business.

DUROBI creates the resources to help your brand develop its social platform which changes consistently as new online communities change over time. Our website development team using the latest web 2.0 will keep you on the cutting edge of Social media. DUROBI will keep your brand relevant and keep the communication going.