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Market Research

DUROBI believes that smart companies are always looking for new opportunities.

Smart companies listen to their customers, potential customer, and fill in informational gaps they have about their business. Market research helps you fill in those gaps, develop great strategies, make better business and hiring decisions and establish better marketing efforts that can lead to an increased bottom line.

Marketing research can be used to identify and develop things like:

  • More effective marketing communications by understanding what really resonates with customers and potential customers.
  • Relationship building by understanding how customers think of your company or how and when customers want to be contacted and what type of information would be most valuable to them.
  • New product/idea generation by understanding the needs of the market.
  • Recruitment and selection of entry level personnel to new managers by developing and utilizing content valid instruments and multiple platforms.
  • Overall marketing and business strategy by identifying and knowing your target market, the competition, and the customer needs thru surveys and analysis.

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