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Media planning and media buying

DUROBI will develop a media marketing strategy into conventional, internet, digital and social media channels for your company. Our media planning and highly selective media buying is always based upon our research and knowledge of your target audience and the best methods of reaching them. In part, we will find the appropriate radio, television, print, interactive, cable and/or OOH advertising outlet that most effectively reaches your audience and creates the positive reactions to start the process of buying your product or uses your services. DUROBI can also provide all of the creative requirements and accomplish these tasks in multiple languages.

By using DURBI media planning and media buying services, your company will be benefit for our many years of successful experience developing efficient, effective programs that offer measurable results. We remove the guess work out of buying and placing the “right ad” which in the short and long run will save you money and get you the needed results – marketing your products and services in front of the right people.

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